Big customers with complex needs! enters into partnerships with accounting agencies, large enterprise customers and the public sector that has an in-house accounting department. 

We have many groups with hundreds of companies that use our solution, where we meet their very complex needs. As enterprise customers, these groups and accounting firms have specific requirements for integration, scalability and security. Our platform is designed to handle large volumes of data, complex workflows and strict security requirements, making us the ideal partner for large organizations.

With agency-friendly solutions for the accounting firms, works closely with the accounting agencies to win new customers in the Nordics. An accounting firm often has customers spread over many different ERP solutions. Therefore, it is absolutely essential to use a pre-system that integrates with any ERP system, so that the accountant can use one and the same solution regardless of which ERP their customers use.

Finance and accounting staff have a great deal of responsibility, and therefore they also have great influence when it comes to the development of streamlining the accounting process. This means that the accounting firms save a huge amount of time and become more efficient in their processes, which frees up time for the accountant. Our platform helps them manage complex needs, improve accuracy and increase efficiency, resulting in better business results and higher customer satisfaction.
You too can use the AI solution provided by for inbound invoices! 


Competent finance teams in large enterprises use

Clients love using because our AI platform drives better business results and we help finance and accounting teams maximize their potential. Check out our customer success stories.

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