A more modern approach to accounting

Propell.ai offers the Vic.ai solution throughout Europe and is a leader in the accounting industry in the Nordics.
By equipping companies worldwide with a new generation of tools designed to make everyday operations faster, easier and more intelligent.
From invoice processing to predictive data analytics, our AI-powered platform frees up valuable human capacity like never before.This means that you and your team can finally focus on the big priorities that are often pushed aside by the huge amount of daily work.
AI has the power to perform manual and repetitive tasks faster and more precisely, and to do them at an almost infinite scale.The AI solution gets smarter and smarter the more it is used. All this frees  companies for very valuable time. 
Welcome to the future with Propell.ai and Vic.ai.



Management and board in Propell.ai

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Gro Merethe Johnsrud

Co-founder & CEO
  +47 934 03 760
📩 gro@propell.ai

Gudbjørg Egge Paulsen

   +47 907 38 357

Evy Beinset Bakken

Head of Sales
+47 984 21 166

Linda Eidem

Head of Project
 + 47 971 49 512

Einar Bergsaker

CTO and Head of Product & Development
 +47 917 04 713 
📩 einar@propell.ai

Jarle Paulsen

Head of Support
  +47 932 41 068
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Anders H. Lier

Co- Founder & Charmain

of the board Propell.ai

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Kristoffer Røil

Board member Propell.ai

Co-founder & Coo Vic.ai

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Alexander Hagerup

Co-Founder & Ceo- Vic.ai


Our Investors

Vic.ai and Propell.ai are backed by the world's best venture capital firms and growth investors. Our investors have significant experience in guiding some of the most iconic companies in technology, software and AI.

Costanoa Ventures
Cowboy Ventures
GGV Capital

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People first
We value our customers, partners and employees. By being a customer-centric company, people's needs always come first and from there we work towards exceptional results.
Integrity is fundemental
We lead by example of integrity, and treat those around us with sincerity and respect. We earn the trust of our colleagues and stakeholders and choose the outcome that will make the world better.
We strive to constantly improve ourselves and our business and know that honesty is the most important element required. We proactively encourage and value honest opinions, whether it is one with our managers, colleagues, direct reports or external partners.