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Ukraina i våre hjerter

Feb 28, 2022 12:15:00 AM Propell.ai 1 min read



I forbindelse med krigen i Ukraina går våre tanker til våre ukrainske kolleger, deres familier og resten av Ukrainas befolkning i denne vanskelige tiden. Vi følger situasjonen nøye, og har tatt grep for å sikre våre ansatte. 💙💛

Offisiell uttalelse fra vår styreleder Anders H. Lier:

💙💛 We are in very difficult times. This war in Ukraine is a heartbreaking situation, and all of our thoughts are on the safety of our employees right now. We live in hope that each day will bring better news for our friends and families in Ukraine. We are in constant contact with all our employees in Propell Minds. We have a good overview of the location and well-being of all our employees in Ukraine. Yesterday we got our first employees safely to Norway. Others are safe in other countries in Europe.

We have utilized the weekend to construct a plan on resuming business activities. Our employees would like to get their mind off the hardships and return to work. So we ask for your continued patience as we continue to work through the chaos of the current situation.

To our compassionate friends around the world - we want to thank you for the amazing support we experience.



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