BDO enters into a partnership with and uses artificial intelligence in the accounting services

June 16, 2021

BDO enters into a partnership with and uses artificial intelligence in the accounting services

BDO Norge AS is by far the largest of the consulting and auditing companies in the accounting industry. Revenues have quadrupled to just over NOK 500 million in the last five years. They have 500 skilled accountants and have built up a solid customer portfolio with almost 10,000 customers. To maintain their leading position, they rely on investing heavily in new technology, such as artificial intelligence.

The latest step in further developing market-leading accounting services is now a partnership with The contract period is 5 years with an option for another 3 years.

- This partnership takes us a long step further, with a view to utilizing the interplay between technology and our advisers' expertise in an optimal way, says Manager Strategy and Business Development in BDO, Magnus Garden. delivers a completely unique platform with the use of artificial intelligence (AI) for incoming invoice processing.

- We and our customers now have access to a world-leading AI platform, which provides significant competitive advantages and groundbreaking opportunities for automation of financial and accounting processes, says Garden, who has led the work on the test project, and now the conclusion of the agreement.

BDO strengthens the accounting offer

BDO's consultants ensure that customers provide efficient, high-quality and safe processes. Using the AI ​​platform of, we continue to automate the parts of deliveries that are handled manually.

- Digitization is not just about technology. It is about choosing the right solutions. Our accounting customers should be able to be confident that we are constantly moving, and give them both the best advice and the best solutions. The tremendous growth we have had in recent years is proof that we have succeeded so far. With this partnership, we continue to develop tomorrow's solutions, says Garden.'s solution is integrated with all relevant systems, and with the help of artificial intelligence, many of the time-consuming manual tasks are automated. BDO's advisers can thus do what they are best at, and focus on creating increased value for their customers rather than manual handling of processes that are better solved with the help of smart tools.

Thanks offensive BDO customers for successful demo project

Earlier this year, BDO and collaborated on a demo project where BDO's accountants tested real invoices from the customers in a protected demo environment.

- After completing the demo project, it was clear that's technology is accurate right down to the product line level, with a high degree of flexibility. This solution plays our advisors well, and provides increased support to our industry specialists, Garden explains.

A condition for a successful demo project was offensive BDO customers who chose to make their data available.

- The best way to experiment with artificial intelligence is by testing with real data in production, which we applaud BDO for being the first player to test. BDO has experienced and skilled accounting consultants. At the same time, this demo project showed that combining our technology and BDO's clever heads, gives very good results, says co-founder and CEO of, Gro Merethe Johnsrud.

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