Propell Software

We provide digital solutions that make our customers more competitive. Our deep understanding of modern technologies, digital communication and user behaviour help them meet their business goals.

Future proof your business with Propell

We are curious about new technology and ways to solve challenges. Whether it is artificial intelligence, machine learning, Ethical AI or Quantum computing, we are looking to leverage the technology we have available to create, innovate and explore.

The best results are created when we use our entire range of services and work in multidisciplinary teams. We form teams with roles, competence and experience best suited to solve the challenge: business consultants, service designers, architects, developers, designers, concept developers – we create innovation and business value through our interdisciplinary approach. With DevOps as a method, we ensure fast deliveries, user involvement and continuous development.



Empower employees to work more efficiently, with the freedom to work anytime, anywhere.


Harness the power of unlimited capacity, flexibility, and agility and only pay for the resources you need, when you need them.


Ensure business keeps going in the face of ransomware, hardware failure, human error, and natural disasters.


Combat today’s advanced cyber threats with a layered security approach.


Enable businesses to take full advantage of the cloud with high-performance connections to apps, services, data, and devices.


Support a mobile workforce and distributed digital teams by unifying employee and client communication channels.