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About us

We help organizations across the private, public, and social sectors create Change that Matters.

From the C-suite to the front line, we partner with our clients to transform their organizations in the ways that matter most to them. This requires embedding digital, analytics, and design into core processes and mind-sets, and building capabilities that help organizations and people to thrive in an ever-changing context.

With exceptional people in 4 countries, we combine global expertise and local insight to help you turn your ambitious goals into reality.

Propell Group

“The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible”

A propeller is a device with a rotating hub and radiating blades that are set at a pitch to form a helical spiral, that when rotated performs an action which is similar to Archimedes' screw. It transforms rotational power into linear thrust by acting upon a working fluid such as water or air. The rotational motion of the blades is converted into thrust by creating a pressure difference between the two surfaces. A given mass of working fluid is accelerated in one direction and the craft moves in the opposite direction. Propeller dynamics, like those of aircraft wings, can be modelled by Bernoulli's principle and Newton's third law

Time horizons are shrinking and pace of change are intensifying. We are in the midst of a big changes where profound transformation is needed. We are in a world of exponential opportunities. We can create far more change with far less resources than ever before. We need to handle the mounting performance pressure.

Propell Group is committed to deliver real change through our unique approach of data driven approach. We will create small, empowered teams, streamlined processes and culture that values attempting to do things that haven’t been done before.

We will use technology for the benefit of society and the planet. Roots in Norwegian values around trust, justice and equality.

Propell Software

We provide digital solutions that make our customers more competitive.

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Propell Consulting

We help organizations navigate through and succeed with business critical change.

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