Propell Capital

We are committed and engaged with the grit and grassroots challenges of building a startup.

Grand impact

The world needs big, audacious solutions to the thorniest problems impacting humanity. We need to solve our grand challenges by developing real solutions for the world. Propell Capital is taking active leadership in defining a new era of thinking around innovation and commercial opportunities for entrepreneurs. We are witnessing the end of the entrepreneurial era that defined the past, and ushering in a new era of collaborative innovation. Combining the forces of seasoned experts and entrepreneurs to build new dynamic businesses that aim at solving some of humanity’s biggest challenges.

Propell Launch Platform

Our unique studio-like operation for company building. We are committed and engaged with the grit and grassroots challenges of building a startup. Based on our successful track-record as serial entrepreneurs and impact tech investors, we have built a pool of startup knowledge, marketers, technologists, business development executives, investors, back-office, recruiters and more to help aid in the creation of startups.

The core foundation of Propell Launch Platform:

What is your long term goal. Create a 10X business
Zooming in on what you have to do the next 9-12 months
Growth hacking and creating traction very fast
Using exponential technology as an enabler to create a better world.
Smart Capital
We will invest in you and make ready to take on more investors. We will raise capital from the right investors at the right time.
Body & brain
You need to stay healthy to become a great entrepreneur. We are value based in everything we do and will integrate you into our holistic way of building business.

With Propell Launch platform you will:

Get up to speed swiftly
You will leverage the Propell’s back office functions so that you can concentrate on creating great products and services. We give you a speed advantage
Hack your growth
Social media marketing experts, analytics, data scientists and development capacity at hand. We know how to close small and ultra large deals. We have business development methodology and the experience to make you close deals. We give you swift traction.
Follow the money
We have tools and experience to monetize your business. We will leverage your resources and capital in the optimum way. We will leverage your capital.
Go to market portfolio
Winning clients is the difficult part. We make this easier for you. You will engage directly to potential customers through our extensive network of businesses and partnerships. Our portfolio has +60.000 customers and an extended network of more than 300 000 people. We provide this as a testbed for product market fit and traction.
Fail fast
We need to learn to fail to grow fast. Failure is part of the model. Our model is more flexible. opportunity for rapid experimentation and company development. platform for innovation. We call this double loop learning.
Responsible technology
We all should be a responsible member of the society we live and operate in. We work to direct technology on a positive trajectory. Exponential technology should be a force for good. We bridge the need for founders to build technology that solve grand challenges with investors to allocate capital into sustainable tech startups.
Work with great experts
We are a team of highly competent resources with deep knowledge about founding, building, scaling and investing in early stage companies. We will be your extended team of seasoned and agile experts.
Get smart capital
We work on a sweat equity based model combined with smart cash investments. Our stake is awarded based upon agreed parameters and successful completion of defined targets. We go beyond just investing capital, we utilize all our means to ensure our mutual success. We put skin in the game.
Parallel Entrepreneurship
We turn ideas into actual business. Peer learning is a key to this. You will learn from successful entrepreneurs. We scale our approach across several startups and ideas and you will learn from our collective successes and collective failures. We leverage our network for you.

Our partners


We bring together great ideas, people and capital

-Anders. H. Lier
Entrepreneur are at the epicenter of an idea. We bring together great ideas, people and capital. The remarkable, high performers that join Propell become co-founders. We create and incubate ideas. Entrepreneurial expertise and in-house resources is a booster to generate ideas and build companies at scale. We also make seed-stage investments in startups outside of our company to propel their traction and growth. The Propell is a vertically integrated approach to the traditional venture capital model of starting a new business from scratch.
-Anders. H. Lier