will use AI to automate and digitize your accounts

● Are you tired of bookkeeping and document management being time consuming processes? ● Is it challenging to keep control of large volumes of incoming invoices? ● How about getting 90% + of the invoice volume on autopilot? There is a solution! delivers a world-leading AI solution for processing incoming invoices. The AI solution simplifies and automates manual accounting processes, so that your business can free up time, money and gain more control. will be the subsystem for any ERP system.

Automated accounting system

Propell AI is the solution that simplifies and automates manual processes, so that your business can free up time and gain more control.
Computer and data

Make AI your partner

Propell AI is located on top of your accounting system and automates up to 90% of the traditional document management and bookkeeping process. By using artificial intelligence (AI), large quantities of invoices are processed and read - from the moment you receive them, till the moment they are paid - giving more insight into the account.

Time saving and cost efficient

of manual processes are automated
91,22 NOK
saved per incoming invoice

What benefits does Propell AI offer your business?

  • An algorithm trained on empirical data set, ensuring security and trust
  • The algorithm is trained on 90% Norwegian invoices, in collaboration with 24SevenOffice
  • Propell AI is integrated with large solutions, and can be integrated with any ERP-system.
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) leave less room for human errors
  • The solution has an open API that can be integrated with your accounting system
  • Increased productivity and efficiency result in satisfied employees
  • Approval module on desktop and as an app.

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A secure and competitive future

-Gro Merethe Johnsrud
Propell AI is a complete solution which automates and streamlines processes, giving your company a clear competitive advantage in the market. The solution can be integrated with relevant partners, who together cover and support your company’s business strategy and goals. We tailor innovative and time-saving packages that optimize the business and secure the future.
-Gro Merethe Johnsrud

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